As I am sure everyone in the UK is aware, we have recently had our second batch of snow this winter. I was starting to prepare for spring as the weather was getting slightly warmer and the days were getting lighter but then we were hit with more snow and it feels like we are now back in the midst of winter.

I do love snow as there is something quite exciting about it. You almost start to get the Christmassy feel again and everything looks 10 times prettier.  There is nothing more that I enjoy than being cosy and watching a film when it is snowing outside. Although if it was for longer than a couple of days I’m sure I would be going insane from not being able to go out.

I was lucky enough to be able to have a day off on Friday due to the weather conditions as the roads were quite dangerous to drive on. So this time round I made the most of it and had so much fun making a snowman and having a snowball fights with family. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the dogs running around in the snow as it was the first time one of them had properly been out in the snow.

However it didn’t last too long as the rain has made an appearance today and the snow is slowly starting to disappear and the sight of spring is that little bit closer. Spring has to be one of my favourite seasons, everything just feels better and brighter after what seems like a long winter. The days start to feel longer and friends start to appear from where they have been hibernating over the last few months.  But most importantly you can finally get rid of the frumpy jumpers and start to wear the cute summer clothes again! (don’t get me wrong I love a jumper… just not all year round) There is just generally a lot more going on and there is a touch of excitement in looking forward to the Summer and seeing what fun it will bring with it.

Bring on Spring!!!



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