Spring is here… finally!

I am so excited and a little bit relieved that spring is finally here! It felt like winter was lasting forever with the snow reappearing every few weeks. However now the lighter nights have started, the temperature has started to rise and I can almost taste the summer BBQs.
There is something about spring that just makes everything seem better. It even makes work seem more manageable because it feels like you still have half the day left after you finish. The flowers have started to appear and the little lambs will soon be running around the fields.
My favourite thing about spring is that it is light enough and warm enough to go on walks in the countryside after work. There is something about walking that allows me to completing relax myself and give myself the freedom to process new ideas and figure out things that have been running through my head all day. I get so bored being stuck inside all day so the sight of the lighter evening is a sign of the freedom to explore.


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