10 Things I Would Like To Do Over Summer

1. Holiday – I am really looking forward to going away somewhere hot for a few days to just relax in the sun and going swimming and explore a new country. I have not decided where to go yet and usually I don’t do this until last minute as I am the type of person who wants to go everywhere.
2. BBQs – Nothing says summer like a BBQ in your back garden.
3. Weekend break – As the weather is starting to get better I would like to visit a new  city. I would love to visit Amsterdam as I have never been and so many people have told me to go.
4. Dog walking – I love taking the dogs for walk in the summer and then finishing it off with a nice cold drink in pub.
5. Take up a new hobby or bring back an old one – I have decided to bring back yoga and the summer is the perfect time to do it!
6. Go strawberry picking – I love going fruit picking on a sunny day,  it something I have done since I was a child and still enjoy it as much now.
7. Day trip to the beach – There is nothing better than waking up and seeing how sunny it is and jumping in the car and driving a couple of hours to spend the day on a beach in wales.
8. Evening drinks is beer gardens with friends – summer is meant to be enjoyed with friends.
9. Take lots of photos – I love taking pictures so I am really excited to get my camera out again and take lots of photos.
10. Be happy – Summer is the perfect time to enjoy life and try to do as many fun things as possible with your favourite people!


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