Staying Positive

I recently watched a programme on Netflix called ‘The Secret’ it is based on the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I met a guy at work who was telling me how this book had changed his life and how he tries to use it to guide him to a more positive and fulfilling life. He had created a mood board with his dreams on and every day he looks at it and visualises how he is going to get to it. I was instantly interested and I have ordered the book but while I waited for it to arrive I noticed the programme on Netflix so thought I would give it ago.
The programme was filmed in 2006 so it did take me a while to get into it as the start was a bit out there compared to programmes I usually watch. The programme looks at different writers, philosophers and scientist who share their views and ideas around success and how it is achievable. I am currently in a state of career confusion/ life confusion so this really helped to look at different ideas and see which one resonated with me the most.
During the programme they talk about the laws of attraction and how if we think positively we attract positivity. It made me realise that recently I had been thinking quite negatively about my life and where I am currently at in my career. The Secret made me realise that I need to think positively about change into a different career and find away to move away from the negativity and work towards living a more positive life. I realised that I needed to learn to really live my life again and have fun, laugh a lot more and not let work take over.
I was influenced by this programme so much so that I have even stuck and pound coin to my ceiling. I know that sounds crazy but in the programme a man sticks a dollar bill to his ceiling in the hope of making a million dollars in a year and because he looks at it every day and visualises earning the money. He starts up a business and works extremely hard and after a year he has earnt near enough the amount he had wanted. I am in no way aiming to get 1million pounds in a year but I am using it as a reminder to stay positive and try to seek out new opportunities and embrace what it is that I really what out of life.
It has taken a while to get to this point but I am feeling a lot more positive and have been looking at different career options and I am feeling more positive that I may actually be able to move into my own house in the near future.


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