I have finally managed to get my boyfriend to see the light and agree that we should go on holiday in July and not September. There is nothing wrong with going in September but I just feel like I cannot wait that long to be sat on the beach sunbathing. We went in September last year and it was perfect but at the moment September just seems so far away. I was so happy when he said yes and instantly started fantasying about where I would like to go. I am a keen traveller and try not to go back to the same place every year as I like to experience new places. We agreed on a budget as we are still trying to save to move out and that was it we couldn’t help but get straight on the internet to see what was available.
I spent a couple of days looking at various different places such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal and Fuerteventura but until we had the same week booked off at work we were unable to book anything. Once it was all officially booked off we decided to look again and the majority of the holidays that had previously looked at were now a lot more expensive. There was also quite a few new deals available for our holiday dates. We ended up booking an all inclusive holiday to Ibiza for the start of July.
I am now excitedly counting down the days until we go and doing lots of online shopping here and there so that I can get all the stuff I need in time. There is something about knowing you are going on holiday that makes life seem so much better and easier because you know you only have to put up with work for a few more weeks until your free and on holiday.

Even though I personally have to bathe myself in factor 50 to ensure I don’t get burnt there is nothing more that I love that going on holiday somewhere warm and soaking up the sun and just enjoying life.

16 more days to go!!!


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