Right Move Addict

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who can’t help but keep looking at the newest houses that are put on right move.

I have recently been looking on right move to see what houses are coming up for sale and to try and get a rough idea of what I can get for money. I am not quite ready to purchase my first house but I am definitely get more curious about it.

I was getting into a routine of looking everyday to see what was coming up daily so I decided to delete the app. This worked for quite a while but recently I have been downloading it again.

I even delete the app after I have looked to make myself feel like I haven’t given it. Even though there is nothing wrong with me having the app I had decided to delete it and not look so often because buying a house sometime seems like an unreachable target.

I think I just have a general curiosity to see what is available and I like to get an idea of things I like and dislike so that when I do get to a point of buying a house I will know what to look for. I also like to see how people decorate their houses to get ideas.

I think also looking now and then gives me the motivation to keep saving and to come up with new ways to save and earn extra money so that the dream of buying my own home is a little bit closer.


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