The 1975

My favourite band recently returned with a new single called ‘Give yourself a try’ and I bloody love it!
I have been waiting a while for them to release new music and they never disappoint when they release a new track. I have been lucky enough to see the live twice and would love to go again when they next tour. If I ever need cheering up I put on their album and its like an instant good mood.
I love the meaning behind the new track and can relate to it quite a lot as I often will have more faith in other people than myself. I have recently been trying to think more positively about life in general and have been looking at different career options and sometimes I think I am not good enough to do a certain job so often won’t apply but it helped my to think that I have to try. If I never try then I am obviously not going to get the job so I have nothing to loose in applying and who knows I might even get my dream job.
The song has also helped me to reflect back on my life to when I was a teenager and looking back at how much worrying I did and how now I have realised that I don’t need to worry what so many people think because a lot of the time those people you worry about are often not in your life as you grow older, there is only few people who remain friends for a lifetime.

I cannot wait for the new album to come out as I recently watched an interview with Matty and he said the album focused a lot around anxiety so I curious to see how it is portrayed throughout the album.


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