7 Day Challenge – Day 3

Today I completed my 3rd day of the 7 day challenge – 7 minute workout by Lucy Wyndham-Read and I am loving it!
Part of me thought I would have given up by now as usually I start things and give up but instead I can’t wait until my next workout. I think because it is only short I can fit it into my day easily without feeling like I have to take a chunk out of my day to complete it. There are seven different exercises which are all a minute long so it doesn’t feel like any exercise is unmanageable because the minute goes so quickly.
I haven’t notice any changes physically but it is very early on but I am noticing that I have more energy in the day and I am less out of breath during the workout. I am a lot more positive once I have completed the workout because I am happy that I am sticking to it.
I have seen other video’s on Lucy’s channel and think that I might also give these a go!


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