Glittery Jelly Sliders!

Today the most 1990’s thing happened to me, I was trying to find some sandals/flip  flops to take to Ibiza but I wanted some without the plastic that goes between your toes as I always end up with blisters. I was really looking for something like sliders as they always looked really comfy and I knew I wouldn’t get the blister like I do when I wear flip flops.
I only wanted a cheap pair as I know I will end up wearing them to the beach and probably end up wearing them in the sea but also I will just use them when I get back for pottering round the garden. I had a quick look in new look but all the sandals were quite dressy and ones that you would probably want to wear on an evening. I have already brought a pair of mustardy sandals from Topshop that are perfect for the evening so I really was just looking for a cheap pair to wear to the beach.

I then went on to look in Primark because I thought they would be the most likely to have the perfect pair and they also wouldn’t be very expensive. At lot of the sliders that I found were covered in feathers and sequins and I am really not the type of girl who could rock a pair of pick fluffy sliders so these were out of the question.

I then went around the corner and the 10 year old me fell in love with a pair of glittery jelly sliders!!! One of my fondest memories of a child is rocking the glittery jelly high heels in the summer and feeling like you were the coolest kid ever wearing them. So when I saw the glittery sliders there was no question as to whether I was going to buy them… I was already at the till paying for them. I even managed to get a pound off them so for £3 I have the perfect pair of sliders for the beach and I even get to relive my youth when wearing them!


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