10 Holiday Essentials

1. Factor 50 Sun Cream
As a ginger I have to be very careful in the sun as I will burn really easily so the last couple of times I have been on holiday I have used the same sun cream as you only need to put it on once a day ( well most people do… I usually put it on a few times as I get paranoid about turning into a beetroot). The sun cream that I use is the Riemann P20 SPF 50. It is so simple to use because you just have to spray it on so you don’t feel as slimy as you do with normal sun cream and I have found that it works really well previously so I have decided to go for it again this year.
2. Cute Bikini
I do like to get a new bikini if I am going on holiday; I do use my old ones too but I like to add a new one to the collection so that I am never without a decent bikini to wear. This year I have ordered one from ASOS. I have got high waist black bikini bottoms and a red crop bikini top. It arrived in the post the other day and I love it! It is so comfy and a completely different style to the other bikinis I have.
3. Sandals
As you will see in my previous post I have brought some glittery jelly sliders from Primark for the beach and I am so excited to wear them. I like to make sure that I have a pair of sandals I can wear in the sea because until you arrive at your holiday destination you never really know what the beach will be like and sometimes there can be a lot of stones and it can be quite painful getting in the sea.
4. After sun
As I am very likely to burn at some part over my holiday I do like to ensure that I have a good bottle of after sun. This year I have decided to go for the Malibu Aloe Vera After Sun Gel Spray. I have not seen this after sun before but I am looking forward to using it after a day in the sun.
5. A Good Book
I am not a massive reader but I do like to try to read a book while I am on holiday. My boyfriend gave me a copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho about a year ago and I got half way through and never finished it. I really enjoyed the book so I have decided I am going to take it away with me and finish it once and for all.
6.  A Game
I usually take a pack of cards with my on holiday so on an evening we can play a game of poker or something while having a few drinks. I had recently heard of a game called Dobble and had been intrigued by it but I have never played it. While I was at a car boot sale yesterday I just happened to see it there for 50p so I thought why not take it on holiday so I brought it and this year this is going to be my holiday game.
7. Music
I always like to ensure my iTunes is updated ready to take on holiday so I can listen to my favourite music while on the beach but this year I think I am just going to rely on my Spotify account. I am fairly new to Spotify but it is so easily to use and I can listen to all my favourite tunes.
8. Magazine
I enjoy buying a magazine in the airport and having a read while I am on the plane. I never buy magazines any other time so this is a little luxury that I allow myself to have when I’m going on holiday. I usually buy cosmopolitan but depending of what is there on the day I will just look for what seems the most interesting.
9. Bug spray
I for one and that type of person who seems to get bitten quite a lot when I am on holiday. When I get bitten the bites seem to swell a lot as well so bug spray is a definite essential item for holiday this year.
10. Euros
Money is definitely a holiday essential; even though we are going all inclusive and won’t need a lot of money I will take a few euros just in case we decide to go out on an evening to somewhere different or fancy doing an excursion. We have seen the David Guetta and Tinie Tempah are at Ushuaia while we are there so who knows what will happen.


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