I Have No Will Power

I have been trying to not do any holiday shopping this year as I still have quite a lot of clothes left from last year that I haven’t really worn. But today I failed!!

I knew I was doing something dangerous when I typed in urban outfitters into the search bar. I was only going to have a little browse but I just don’t have the will power to not add anything to my basket. I couldn’t help but add a turquoise sporty bikini top that I love and a few cool t-shirts. After about 10 minutes I realised what I had done and slowly went through my basket removing the items that I didn’t really need.

I only ended up buying the bikini top because I have some bikini bottoms that it would really look nice with. The fact that I removed the other items made me feel like I was being good so I could reward myself with just one item.

I didn’t even need to buy anything. But somehow buy me removing other items I felt like I was spending less and being good. How does that even work? Surely I would be being really good if I didn’t buy anything.

I then noticed I had an email from Miss Selfridge advertising their sale and a light bulb went off and I remembered these really nice denim shorts with a white Lace trim that I saw ages a go and said I would buy them if I went on holiday. So next thing you know I’m on the website searching for the shorts in the sale and yes they had been reduced. So of course I end up buying them because if they are in the sale thats a sign so I must be meant to have them.

In the back of my head I have told myself that I can always send them back. But let’s be honest none of the items I have purchased are going back because they will arrive a couple of days before my holiday and I will be too excited to send them back. They are practically already packed in my case.

If only I had some will power!


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