Sunday Funday!

I have had the most relaxing day in the sun today and I can’t think of any better way to spend a Sunday. I decided to get up early and go for a wonder around a car-boot sale this morning, I didn’t buy anything but I just enjoy wondering around having a bit of a nose. It also helps to get my step count up for the day. I have managed to do 16,000 steps today so I am pretty happy with that.

I then of course made sure that I was somewhere suitable to watch the football. I spent the first half of the game in a field watching it on my phone which was really great. We could here people chanting from the houses close by and there was a bit of a delay on my phone so we always new when another goal had been scored. We did get a bit hot outside so we decided to go into a near by pub to watch the second half. I haven’t watched the football this much in a long time. I was quite into football when I was younger…I remember having many England shirts and watching the games with my dad. For some reason I have drifted away from it but today I felt like I got that spark back and got really into the game. I am now even thinking about a New England shirt… I won’t get one because as soon as I do I know it will only jinx the good luck that we are having so far. The atmosphere is the pub was amazing and I can only imagine it getting better as we get further in the competition.

I then went for a lovely walk around the village and by the canal near where I live. There is something about walking near water that is so relaxing I almost forgot it was Sunday and that I had to go back to work tomorrow.

I only have a 4 day week at work this week before going on holiday so I am actually not bothered about having to go back tomorrow. I usually get the Sunday night/ Monday morning dread of having to go back but not this week!

Holiday is almost here!!! 😁😁


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