Brain on Fire

On Saturday evening I decided to watch Brain on Fire on Netflix, I didn’t know a lot about the film but I had an email from Netflix recommending it as something I may like so I thought I would give it ago. I thought it was an great film and really opened my eyes. It has been along time since I have watched a film at home and been fully gripped but I couldn’t stop watching and didn’t really want it to end.

The film is about a young journalist who starts to here voices, become hypersensitive and starts having seizures. As time goes on it only gets worse and she becomes violent and experiences insanity. Everyone around her wonders what is happening because the girl is acting very strange compared to her usual behaviour and even try to blame it on alcohol and partying too much.

The girls have various test such as MRI scans but there is nothing showing abnormally on her test results. Bipolar and schizophrenia is suggested but doctors as the cause for the abnormal behaviour that she is experiencing but her parents are determined that this is not the case. A different doctor takes over her case and they do a brain biopsy because he believes her brain is swollen and inflamed. She has a slow recovery and eventually is able to return to her normal life.

This film really made me think about how limited we are to what treatment are available to us. The NHS is one of the greatest things about England and does amazing things on a daily basis. But we are limited by what treatments are available at any one time and how one doctor may interpret symptoms as being something different to another doctor. Misdiagnosis can happen at any time and there could be others is the world who are diagnosed with mental health disorders and actually it could be something else that is physically affecting a person.

There are always going to be areas in life that we can learn more about and there will be new treatments that are found and that are available in some countries and not others. We are lucky to have so many treatments available to us and to have people trying to find new cures.


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