Working out!!

The last couple of days I have added two extra workout videos to my 7 minute workout challenge that I have been doing for the last week and a half.

The first one that I have added is a 4 minute arm workout. I have literally no upper body strength so anything to improve the muscles is my arms is a bonus. The workout consists of 4 thirty seconds exercises and 2 one minute exercises. Out of all the exercises that I have been doing these are the ones that I find the most painful but I am going to continue to do them as I would like to improve my upper body strength.

The second workout that I have started to do it one for thighs and bums. It is around a 4/5 mins workout video. I have enjoyed adding this routine to my workouts and really would like to eventually have a toned bum.

By adding these two routines to my workout it has made the 7 minute routine feel less repetitive. I have seen some other 7 minute routines on this YouTube channel so I may seen if there is another one I like and then alternate them each day.

I am still feeling very motivated and I am thoroughly enjoying working out. It is making me feel a lot more positive about workout but also it is helping me to feel more confident in other areas of my life.


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