This weekend I went to a fruit farm not too from where I live and went and picked some strawberries. I love going strawberry picking and haven’t had change yet so far this year so ventured out and picked loads of really nice strawberries. I have been eating them with every meal since! The fruit farm that I go to has a lovely little farm shop and café and there is also a few animals. The farm shop has all of their own products from apple juices, cider to ice cream and pickles. I only ever really go to this farm when I decided to go strawberry picking so I use it as my annual explore of the shop and see if there are any new products that I want to try. I usually end up getting some of the apple juices because they always taste really nice.
We spent quite a while strawberry picking as we were being very picky over which strawberries we wanted but also eating a few as went along even though we weren’t supposed to eat them. We came away with far more strawberries that we needed but it just so fun walking around picking them you kind of forget how many you have actually picked. Luckily I have enough family members to eat them all.
The farm has some chickens and a few pigs next to the farm shop, I could help but find one of the pigs very relatable. The pig was having what I can only describe as a piggy mud bath. He looked like he was in a bath tub chilling. This pig was my spirit animal…. He looked so happy with himself and I couldn’t blame him for being in the mud bath on such a hot day. I’m sure if I was a pig I would be wanting to do the exact same thing.



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