The moment you realise that you haven’t kept up with your daily workouts for 3 whole weeks! I knew that I would never keep doing them while on holiday but I had planned to continue them as soon as I got back from holiday. I was really enjoying them before I went away so why has it taken me so long to get back into it.
In all fairness I was ill for the first week after returning from holiday. I don’t know if this happens to any one else but my I always have a cold after being on holiday in a warm country. I don’t know if its just that when you start to relax the germs just take over or if it has something to do with the air conditioning and the germs fling around on the plane on the way home. Either way I wasn’t feeling to good when I got home and it was a real struggle going back to work let alone doing a work out.
Even though I am feeling a lot better this week I still haven’t start back doing the daily workouts. I would really like to get into them again as they just gave me chance to get rid of my daily stresses from work and then I could have a bit of relaxation time before bed every day. The workouts also improved my motivation and general happiness so I would very much like to bring them back!
I am off out tonight so I know I won’t start doing them again today so there’s no point in lying to myself but I am determined to start them again tomorrow. I do feel a little intimidated only because I know that the first few times that I do I will be dying all the way through. But if I don’t start again I will never improve so I just need to get over myself and start again.
I am sure in a couple of days I will be blogging about how much I love it.


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