A Chilled Weekend

Usually by 5pm on a Sunday I am starting to get the Sunday night panic at the thought of work tomorrow but not today. I am feeling a lot more positive about work this week and I am a lot more motivated to look for a new job. I have been waiting ages to hear back from a company about an interview that had to be rearranged and I think this week I should hopefully hear from them with an update.
I have had a very relaxing weekend and I feel revived and ready to take on this week and smash it! I took my car for a dreaded MOT yesterday and it passed so I was very relieved about that. My house savings have been going well lately so the last thing I wanted was for it to fail and take a chunk out of my savings. So I am very happy that it has passed and the MOT is sorted for another year.
As the weather has been so nice lately I went for a meal with my boyfriend at a pub/beer garden not too far from where we live. The pub is located by a river and has a nice outside area to sit and relax. You can even camp over night there if you wanted to which I have done before but as it is the start of the summer holidays we didn’t last night because it was very busy. I had a delicious vegetable lasagne which is one of my favourite pub grub meals. I am not currently vegetarian but the majority of the food I do enjoy is vegetarian so it is only a matter of time before I fully commit to it. We went for a lovely walk around the surrounding countryside as the sun started to go down. We then went back home and chilled in the back garden with a couple of drinks and played all of our favourite music. I love chilled summer nights and I am so excited that there is still so much of summer to come.
Today I have had quite a lazy day doing all those annoying jobs that you don’t really want to ever do but you know that you should do. I have been searching for new jobs and filling in a few application forms. I have done some general tidying and admin work so that I am all ready to smash the next week.
I have got my sister’s dog coming to stay for the next week as she is off on holiday so I am really looking forward to taking him on some long evening walks as long as the weather isn’t too hot for him. He should be over shortly actually so I think I might take him for a walk tonight so I can get some last minute steps in to finish off the weekend.


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