Podcast Life

I have recently been introduced to the life of podcasts. I have noticed that more and more people have started to produce podcasts and I have listened to a couple here and there and have never really thought any more about it. That was until I was introduced to Joe Rogan’s Podcasts! I am thoroughly enjoying listening to his podcasts because they are entertaining but also intellectual so you feel like you are developing your knowledge while listening to them.
I really enjoy listening to podcasts because you can be doing something else while listening but you are still taking in what is being discussing. I have always been one to listen to the radio (especially radio one) while I drive but I have started to listen to Joe Rogan’s podcasts… even on the way to work. A lot of the time I want to drive further because I don’t want to stop listening.
The first one that I listened to was number 1077 and the guest was Johann Hari. This podcast focused on the use of drugs and depression. As this is an area that I a familiar with due to my current employment I really enjoyed the podcast and could relate to many of the issues they discussed but it also allowed me to discover new pieces of research so I could think about ideas differently than before.
The are load of podcasts Joe’s website on various topics and they are easily accessible to download. I really enjoy learning new things but I am not a massive fan of reading so when I try to pick up a book to learn something new I often get distracted and never end up finishing the book so podcasts are perfect for me!


One thought on “Podcast Life

  1. You could also try books on tape. That way you could do what you want while listening to a book, much like a podcast. You could even learn to speak conversationaly (I think that I just made up a word) in a new language. If you’re not happy with your job, try taking online courses in a subject that would make you happy. Trust me when I say that you never know what tomorrow will bring so take charge of your life and be happy. Best of wishes to you. xo

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