The secret garden has been found!

We have made it through 3 days of work and there is only 2 more days to go until the weekend. This week has been quite busy at work but I feel like things are slowly starting to fall into place and I should be able to get everything done before the weekend. On my lunch break today I found our very own secret garden. There is not a lot surrounding where I work so there isn’t really anywhere to go when you are on your lunch break. Somebody in a different department mentioned a garden that I had never heard of before so a couple of my colleagues and I decided to investigate and go and find the secret garden. We managed to find it and we really having been missing out on enjoying the sunshine. The garden is well kept with lots of flowers and benches to sit on. I thoroughly enjoyed being outside today on my lunch break and I intend to do it every day from now on. As my job is computer based I spent a lot of time inside an office so just getting 30 minutes of fresh air made such a difference to my day.
I am already looking forward to the weekend even though I don’t currently have that much planned but I am just looking forward to going on some sort of adventure and exploring a new place. I love nothing more than wondering round a new place and exploring.
Tonight however I am off for a walk in a local village and along the canal. I do this walk quite regularly and really enjoy it. There is a lot of wildlife on the way and really pretty houses to look at. At the end of the walk I’m sure we will pop into the pub for a quiet catch up with a coke. When you have been inside all day and the weather has been as warm as it is; I literally get home and I am straight out of the door ready to enjoy the sunshine. Luckily the evening are a lot cooler otherwise I definitely would be getting sunburnt.
Anyway off I go to enjoy the sunshine 🙂


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