Goodbye Netflix ??

I was listening to a podcast a couple of nights ago, it was one of the joe Rogan podcast’s that I mentioned in a previous blog. In the podcast I was listening to, they were talking about self-improvement..
They discussed how we are spending so much time doing things that aren’t enhancing our lives but that are keeping us in a state of numbness.
The example they used was Netflix, we spend so much time watching so many tv series that we lose essential time that we could have used to improve our lives. This made me realise that if I stopped watching Netflix I could use that time focusing on job hunting, new hobbies and interests that could improve my life. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Netflix series but part of me thought yes what they are saying is right. Spending so much time watching Netflix doesn’t make your life happier in the long run it is just a quick fix when you find a programme that interests you. I am at a point where I am reassessing which direction my life is going in so this has made me contemplate cancelling my Netflix account.
I don’t watch Netflix all the time but I know that if I found a series that I was really into that I would just want to binge watch the whole series. For example if there was a new series of prison break I know I would be straight on that! By binge watching series it can take up so much of my time and yes I enjoy watching the programme but is it enhancing my life in the same way as it would if I read a book, watched a YouTube video or listened to a podcast on a new topic.
I think also because I am in a job role that is pretty similar every day in the tasks that I need to do daily it has kind of become robotic and so when I come home from work I feel that I need to try to develop my knowledge in a different way. I enjoy learning but I am also one who gets stuck in a rut especially in winter with going to work and then coming home and watching Netflix.
So far I haven’t actually deactivated my Netflix account but I am still considering doing so. I haven’t watched a lot of tv at all this week… probably because the weather has been so nice but I have been trying to use my time better by doing activities that can enhance my life.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Netflix ??

  1. I stopped watching commercial TV 30 years ago and never missed it. Adding up all those hours I would have ‘wasted’ would be staggering! I enjoy a good movie now and again on DVD, but it is rare and usually in winter when it is dark and cold and a little escape is in order.
    Give it up on trial and see how much time you get in return. 🙂

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  2. I know exactly what you mean. I feel like I need to numb my brain after doing the same robotic tasks day in and day out.

    I can’t wait for another season of Prison Break.

    But I don’t have Netflix. I do enjoy binging shows, but I use different sites for that. Once you have access to such unlimited amount of shows/ movies at your fingertips, it must be difficult to get up and walk away. I don’t want access to Netflix, because I know how it would consume my already limited time.

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