I decided to dig through some of my old photos from a few years ago when I went travelling in Australia for 3 months after I finished university. Now that I am quite comfortable in my job the thought of quitting and going travelling like I did in 2014 just about sounds impossible. I would love to go travelling again and would tell anybody who is thinking about going to Australia to jump on a plane now. I love Australia and really enjoyed visiting new places and meeting people from all over the world, many of whom I still have on Facebook now.
I started off my travels by staying in Melbourne, I stayed in cheap hostels so that I could make our money last as long as possible. I stayed in Melbourne for 3 weeks and then decided to travel up the east coast staying in various places including Sydney and Brisbane. Each place left me with so many memories and experiences.
I love the chilled vibe in Melbourne and I think this might actually be my favourite place that we stayed in. Don’t get me wrong I loved everywhere that we stayed but that was just something about Melbourne.
I might do another blog at some point to show what I got up to in each area that I stayed in and what activities I got up too.
Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from the trip:-


7 thoughts on “Travelling….Australia

  1. Australia is soooo far away for most of us, but I am happy that I made it there. Even if just for a few days. Like you said – once you start working, it gets harder to quick and go. Who’s gonna give you a couple months off? I’d love to see Uluru.

    The photo of the ocean with the white tree on the left is my favorite. So calming. So serene.

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  2. I see the Great Ocean Road and a few other familiar places there .. everyone should take a gap year to travel or volunteer!
    Blog posts are a great diary of our adventures, well done 🙂

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