Saturday Feeling!

Saturday is my favourite day of the weekend…probably because I know I still have the whole of Sunday left off work too. I haven’t got anything special planned today so I can do whatever I fancy. I have had a nice chilled morning relaxing and now I am off in to town to have a walk and a mooch around a few shops.

I have heard that Wilkinson’s has got half price pic and mix so I might have to have a sneaky visit to investigate. Who doesn’t love pic and pic!!

I am then going to visit my nan as I usually do on a Saturday and have a catchup. Later I am off for a walk and a meal at a cosy pub with the boyfriend so it is quite a nice relaxing Saturday today.

The weather is a lot cooler today which is actually quite nice after how hot it has been all week and we can finally take the dogs out for a walk. We have had my sister’s dog staying all week and he loves his walk. I enjoy the walks as much as the dogs do as I love being outside and exploring.


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