The Floating Spa

Has anyone even heard of a float spa?  About a year ago I got introduced to floating spas… when I first heard about it I was bit unsure about how good it would be but I was open to giving it a try. I am not a massive spa fan as I usually find it quite boring but as the float spa only lasts an hour it seemed a lot more manageable.

When we arrived we were met by a really cool guy who clearly knew a lot about floating and been doing floating for a few years. He explained that you float in an buoyant solution of salt water in a float tank. The water is heated to 35.5 degrees. You can change the colour of the lighting and have either the tank closed or open. Floating removes external stimuli from the body, allowing you to enter deeper states of relation and stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain, decreasing the perception of pain.

When I first got in the pod I was a little bit like what the hell do I do now because I had this whole pod to myself and it was quite hard to stop my brain from thinking. At the start of the session they playing some relaxing music for about 10 minutes and then there is silence until the music comes on about 5 minutes before it is time to get out. As the music played and I started to try to relax I felt my shoulders lower and I was then reassured that I would drown if let myself go to full relaxation. Once I had reached this stage;; floating was on the most simply calming things I have experienced. The water was gentle on my skin and I could feel my skin getting softer the longer I was in there . The time I spent in the pod allowed me to think about simple things in my life that I don’t usually get time to think about because I’m too distracted by work.
The longer I was in the pod the more relaxed I felt and the emptier my brain seemed. It was like everything I had been thinking about all day just disappeared in the water around me. Once the float was finished I felt so relaxed that I was kind of just in a state mellowness and this remained for the rest of the day and I even had the best night sleep that night. The relaxed state even remained for the next few days.
I have been 3 times now and have enjoyed every session I have been too and I think each time you learn to relax a little more because you now know how the process works and what to expect. I intend to book another session for in the next couple of months. It can be quite expensive so I don’t go a lot but I do try to go a couple of time throughout the year. I think there have even been vouchers on Groupon for different floating spas so I will have to keep a look out for those.
I would highly recommend the floating spa as it is a very relaxing unique experience.



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