Hobbit Huts in Cornwall

I discovered the coolest hobbit huts in Cornwall last year when my parents got me the weekend break for Christmas. They know that compared to my siblings I am much more attracted to anything a bit different and would prefer to stay in the huts to a posh hotel. I was so excited to go that I booked it straight away and I probably should have waited a little longer because it was freezing but it was still so fun.
I was not disappointed as the surrounding areas was so idyllic and picturesque. When I pulled up I could see these really cute little hobbit huts and they were so much more than the pictures that I had previously seen. They were dark green miniature houses; they each had individual out door areas for BBQ’s and there was shared bathroom facilities. Inside the huts there was a pull out sofa that made a double bed, a table and chairs and storage space. There was little lights and even curtains to give the huts a homely feel.
I walked around the site and had a look at the other huts and each one was slightly different. They also had hobbit holes and these were little places to stay that were fixed into walls and they looked really cosy. The site that they are on is in the middle of a forested area and there are quite a few little walking areas around the site. Not fair down the road there was a really pretty river and a bigger walking area which we walked around pretty much every day. There was also a cosy pub not too far down the road.
I love Cornwall because it so calm and relaxing there and I always have a good time. I enjoy wondering around the small towns and going to the beach. I even went crabbing…. We only found one crab but it just reminded me of going crabbing with my dad when I was younger.
Of course I ensured that I had fish and chips on the beach! If you go to the beach in the UK and don’t have chips you are doing it wrong! 🙂
I really enjoyed staying in the hobbit hut as it was so different to any other places I had stayed. I would definitely go back and again and would like to take my family with me.



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