Wednesday Day Dreaming…

Well we have reached Wednesday and it’s national hump day. I personally don’t mind Wednesdays as I know I only have two more work days until the weekend. For me Tuesday is worst day of the week because you psych yourself up on a Sunday night ready to handle Monday but by Tuesday you are well and truly back to work and it is ages away from the weekend. This week is already going past quickly so hopefully it will continue that way and it will be the weekend before we know it.
I am already looking forward to the weekend as one of my childhood friends is coming home and we are meeting up for a catch up. She lives a couple of hours away so we don’t see each other as often any more but when we do see each other it is just like old times. We usually catch up every couple of months and reminisce about old times and laugh at how ridiculous we looked when we were younger.
The weather is supposed to be warm again this weekend… it has been slightly warmer today and the rain from the weekend seems to of disappeared so fingers crossed!
I am hoping if the weather is nice I will be able to go adventuring somewhere different and go on a few nice chilled walks. Walks have turned in to my favourite thing lately… not only because they don’t cost anything so it helps me to save but also I am just really enjoying being outside. They help me to feel relaxed enough to be able to reassess certain areas of my life in order for me to be able to figure out the next logical step.
I am going to try to sneak in a decent walk tonight as after being in the office all day I feel like I need to get some fresh air. Maybe someone should invent outdoor offices and then I wouldn’t long to be outside all the time….although I would get very wet with the English weather. Maybe its best to keep the office in doors and I’ll just go on a few more walks.


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