Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival

I went to the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival last year and have just received and email advertising this year’s festival so I am hoping that I can get tickets to go again as I really enjoyed it.

There was lots of stalls to look round with lots of different treatments, art work, clothing and accessories. I had a palm reading, colour personality test and tarot reading done and each one was really interesting because there were a lot of things brought up that I had never even thought about.  There are loads of this to try and it is the perfect place to learn about all the different treatments available.

I had a psychic reading as my final treatment at the wellbeing fair and they used tarot cards as part of the reading. This has to be my favourite reading so far because she talked about my grandad who is no longer with us. At first I was sceptical but at the same time it was quite nice to think that he might have been the spirit talking to her. The more the reading went on there were lots of things that she said about my grandad that she wouldn’t have known. There was other areas of my life that that she talked about but they didn’t resonate with me in the same way as when she spoke about my grandad. There is no way that I can prove what she said to be true but it is nice to think that it could be and it made me really happy.

Before I went to this festival I had only had one psychic reading before and I had found it really interesting. I think there is always parts of the reading that you relate to more than others and you can choose to take from the reading what you like. The one I had previously was more about my career and relationship and that current stage of my life. A lot of it was very accurate and the lady who gave me the reading was really nice. I only picked her because in the room full of psychics she was the only one to have a dog with her so I thought she can’t be that scary if she has a cute little dog.

I never plan to have a reading but if I am somewhere and there is a psychic there and I am in a curious mood and I like the look of them then I will have one. I am starting to crave another one so I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I stumble across a psychic on one of my adventures.


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