Podcast Life 2

Today I listened to the podcast that Joe Rogan recently did with Macaulay Culkin.
Growing up I loved watching Home Alone and Richie Rich so I couldn’t wait to listen to this podcast as I haven’t heard that much about him since I was younger so I was intrigued to see what he is like nowadays.
The first thing I thought was….how normal does he seem considering he was a massive child star.
The second thought was…. Wow I can’t believe he is 37!! I always presumed he was younger.
Macaulay only does occasional acting jobs now but enjoys, painting, writing and has recently set up a comedy website. He even calls himself a man of leisure now.

Apparently he is also doing a podcast so I think I might have to check it out!
The whole blog was really enjoyable and it was really interested to see what Macaulay is up to now and to see what he is like in real life. He generally sounded like he was in a really good place and enjoying his life at the moment.

I am so going to download Richie Rich tonight to watch!!
I am loving these podcasts at the moment!



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