Faery Festival – Llangollen

Yesterday I never got round to writing a new blog as I went to Llangollen in Wales for the day and didn’t get back until pretty late. I had been told that this weekend they were having a faery festival in Llangollen. On the website it looked like it was more aimed at children so I was a bit unsure at first as to what to expect or I would enjoy it. I have been to Llangollen quite a few times before and have always enjoyed it so I knew that even if we didn’t enjoy the festival we would still enjoy looking around the town and seeing the sights. Also I love a little road trip listening to some tunes or a podcast so who was I to complain. The weather was a lot nice than it had been for the last few days so it was nice to be able to get outside and enjoy it.
The faery festival was way more than what I was expecting. They had loads of stalls with various gifts, trinkets, foods and clothes and even had activities for kids. They had a separate section where you could enjoy psychic readings, reiki healing, Indian head massages, back massages and reflexology. There was absolutely loads to do and I really enjoyed wondering around the different stalls because there was lots of stuff there that I had never seen before.
I decided to have a psychic spirt reading as it has been a while since my last reading and I didn’t know they were going to be there. I never actively seek a reading but if I am drawn to it on a random day then I will have one. The reading I had involved the lady drawing my spirit while she did the reading. I had never had a reading like this before but it was really interesting and enjoyable. My reading was really reassuring that everything was going in the right direction and I even found out that my spirit was named Mandy.
A lot of people were dressed up as fairies at the festival and by the end I was even wishing I had some elf ears to wear too. I had a really good day and would even be tempted to look out for it next year.


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