We have made it to the weekend!! Woohoo!
As you probably already know I love Fridays… it appears everyone at work knows I love Fridays too as they were asking me to do my Friday dance today! It has been quite a busy week this week so I am looking forward to a couple of chilled days.
The weather has been quite cold and rainy today so I have come home from work wanting to get my pyjamas on and have a nice relaxing evening watching a film. I know we are still a long way off from Christmas but I am going to put on my Grinch pyjamas as they are really warm. I can’t be the only one who wears Christmas pyjamas all year round. I am not sure what film I am going to watch but I still haven’t been using my Netflix so I think I am definitely going to cancel it for a while. I feel like a film that’s easy to watch so I may go for a comedy or something quite light hearted. I say light hearted but I know as soon as I started looking some crime thriller film will take my fancy.
I don’t have that much planned for the weekend apart from I have to take my car to the garage to get it serviced tomorrow so I will probably go and do a little bit of shopping while I wait for it to be done. I will most likely go an see my nan at some point over the weekend and have some chilled time with my boyfriend.
I am hoping the weather is a little better tomorrow so I can go for a late afternoon/evening walk and enjoy being out doors after being stuck in the office all week. I am really loving going for walks at the moment especially along the canal… being next to water is just so relaxing.


6 thoughts on “FRI-YAY!

  1. I totally agree being near water is relaxing.
    My five day holiday this week was not far from a canal and although I did other things, I made sure the canal was part of it and the parks.

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