Take Back Tuesday – Melbourne

I have recently been looking back at all the pictures from when I went travelling in Australia. My favourite place I stayed was Melbourne – this might just be because I spent longer here but the general vibe of the place I fell in love with. If I was to go back to Australia tomorrow the first place I would like to go would be Melbourne.

Here are a few things that I got up to while I stayed in Australia:-

1. Great Ocean Road
I went on a day trip along the great ocean road while staying in Melbourne as I knew this was the closest place I would be staying so it made sense to do it while I was there. The views of the twelve apostles were amazing.

2. St Kilda Beach – I was told that if you go down to St Kilda beach as the sun is setting you can quite often see little blue penguins coming up on to the pier. I tried to see them on a couple of nights but I missed them but on our final visit were lucky enough to see lot of the penguins coming on to the rocks. I had never seen penguins in their natural environment so this was really special and a unique experience.

3. Phillip Island – I visited Phillip Island to see the penguin parade; you can watch hundreds of penguins returning home at sunset to one of the largest colonies in Australia.
4. Hosier Lane – Hosier Lane was one of the coolest places I have seen purely because the street art there is so amazing. There is so much art in this Lane and it is fully embraced rather than frowned upon.

5.Wine tasting at Yarra Valley – One of the trips I was advised to go on was a vine tour… I am not a massive wine fan but I went on the tour and really enjoyed it and discovered that some wine is actually quite nice. The views of the vineyards were amazing and we even saw wallabies on the journey.

6. Luna Park – Is a historic amusements part in St Kilda; I had to go because I heard that they had the oldest roller coaster ride so I wanted to have a go on it. The ride did not look very scary when I had walked passed it but when you are actually on the ride it is scary because it doesn’t feel that safe because it is so old. It was however a lot of fun.

7. Royal Botanical Gardens – The botanical gardens in Australia are beautiful and the Melbourne one was lovely. I spent a lot of time in the botanical gardens because it was nice after the day in the city centre to be so close to the gardens because when you are walking around then you feel like you are no where near a busy city.

8. Eureka Tower – I went up the Eureka tower and the view were amazing as you could see for miles.

There is lots to do in Melbourne but even if you can’t go to any of the above places the general vibe is so chilled and there is a lot to do and see there. I really do hope I get to go again in the future


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