Airbnb Experience

I had heard a lot about Airbnb but I hadn’t actually used it myself before until I went to wales for a couple of days and I stayed in a cute little camping pod in somebody’s back garden. On Airbnb they have some really alternative places to stay so if you are looking for something different it’s the perfect place. The little pod was really close to where we need to be that it was the perfect place for us to stay.
The little pod was really cute it had a double bed, table and tv and a little outdoor area where we could sit. Even though it was in someone’s back garden it didn’t feel like we were intruding on their home. The garden was big enough for us not to feel like we were on top of each other. We only saw the people who owned the pod when we needed to use the bathroom as this was shared. At first I was a bit sceptical about the bathroom situation but it really wasn’t an issue because we hardly even ran into the couple.
We stayed in the hub for a couple of days and we really enjoyed the experience. The couple were really welcoming and helped us with any questions we had and gave us ideas of places to go an visit.
I would definitely use Air BNB again in the future especially if I was looking for a unique place to stay because there are so many places that you can stay that I hadn’t even thought about staying. It is so easy to use the website and we had no problems during our visit so I feel very positive with my experience.

Photo 12-05-2017, 21 19 20


5 thoughts on “Airbnb Experience

  1. I ADORE Airbnb! I’ve used it now for over two years and when I go anywhere, I book one. I no longer use Travelodges or Premier Inns as can always find a private home-from-home apartment .. whether its out in the wild sticks somewhere, or in NW6 in London! Love it.

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  2. I’ve always been sticking to hotels since I started traveling. I saw your experience and got actually excited. I want to try this out! I’m sure it would be perfect for solo travelers. Great post!!

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