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A lot of people are currently preparing to start University – many may have already moved into their halls and are in the midst of Freshers Week. I was in this same position in 2010 and I had the best time at University and thought I would write a blog to share experiences and to help you make the most of your university experience.
1 – Make Lots of Friends
My best piece of advice would be to make lots of friends. You will meet a lot of different people during your first few weeks of University who are all in the same position as you they are in. They are in a new place and don’t really know anybody else. Everyone is looking to make new friends so make the most of it and interact with a lot of new people. A lot of the time your first friends will be those who you share you flat with and you will begin to create a safety bond where you can go on nights out with them and feel safe because you already know these people even if it’s only been for a day or two. Making friends with housemates is great but it is important to remember that just because these were you initial friends it doesn’t mean you cant make other friend who you relate to more elsewhere. You may make friends on your course or from an event or night out. In my friendship group I had a mixture of flatmates and course friends a lot of who I am still in contact with now.
2- Take Part in Freshers Week 
Freshers week is a great place to meet new friends and get used to your new living environment before starting your degree. You will meet a lot of new people and they will show you around the campus and city you will be living in. There will be lots of events and they will show you what the university has to offer. You can sign up for different sports and groups that are available. Usually there is a lot of freebies too… especially free pizza.
3. Take Advantage of Student Offers
There are a lot of places that will give discounts to students so make the most of it. Take advantage of the freebies and discounts as there are a lot available and you won’t be able to enjoy these once you have finished your studies.
4. Work Hard But Enjoy It
This may seem silly but as much as you are able to enjoy yourself at university you have to remember to prioritise your studies as this is the reason you came to University. Some of my most memorable nights out are from University but I had to make sure that I set aside a certain amount of time each day to do my university work or to prepare for lectures. I had to ensure that essays and assignments were completed on time. Of course I still spent a lot of time watching box sets and getting to know my friends but there still needs to be time for working.
5. Enjoy Yourself
At some point during the time you are at University there will be times where the work load takes over and you feel like you can’t have any time for yourself because you have so much work to do. A lot of the time I would work better after I took a couple of hours away from my computer and relaxed and did something fun. Sometimes having a little break and running off some steam helped me have a new perspective and would actually help me to work better and stop me from having writer’s block.
University was one of the best times of my life and I would say enjoy it as much as you can. Ensure your work is completed but have fun doing it. When you finish University and start your working life you will miss University so make the most of your experience and make many friends and lots of memories. Have fun!


11 thoughts on “University Advice

  1. Good advice! I might add to #3 to take advantage of student resources and opportunities like going to the career service center, going to career fairs, going to seminars in your field of study, talking to guidance counselors about internships, etc. A lot of people who graduate and don’t know what to do next could’ve benefited from those resources.

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