Podcast Life 4

I haven’t listened to that many podcast’s in the last couple of weeks but I have got back into them the last couple of days. The latest one that I list to was of course another of Joe Rogan’s it was number 1171 and it was where he interview Nick Yaris.
Nick Yaris was wrongly convicted of murder and spent 22 years on Death Row. The podcast was fascinating because the world in which he has had to live in just seem so far away from what most people experience. One of my biggest fears is to end up in jail after been wrongly convicted and you can’t prove that you are innocent.
Nick was charged with murder and rape. It must be the most hurting and frustrating thing to find yourself in that situation and not knowing what to do or knowing if anyone would even believe you if you told them the truth.
Nick was tortured during his time in prison and had to live in unimaginable circumstances. In the first two years of his sentence he wasn’t even allowed to speak and spent two years in silence.
Nick comes across as such a strong guy mentally has a such a good message to put across. He still believed in the good in people and the world even though something so horrific happened him. He has a book called the ‘Fear of 13’ and I think there is also a film about him on Netflix called the same.
Joe Rogan interviews the most fascinating people so I would highly recommend that if you have a spare bit of time to check them out.


10 thoughts on “Podcast Life 4

    1. You can listen to them anywhere and they are so informative and interesting. Also you don’t get adverts/breaks like you do on radio stations so it allows the conversation to be more in depth. I have learnt a lot this year from podcasts so I would highly recommend 🙂

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