Walking Adventures

I have spent quite a lot of the last week going on various different walk while I have been off work. I have really enjoyed spending a lot of time outside as I spend so much time inside at work. The weather has been really nice as well so that has made it even better and I have enjoyed soaking up the last bits of sunshine as winter will be here before we know it.
I have managed to walk around 60,000 steps over the last 5 days which I am really happy with as when I am at work I find it really hard to get to the 10,000 daily steps. I usually go on a couple of walks at the weekend but after walk it is lot harder to motivate myself but maybe now I have enjoyed so many walks this last week this will encourage me to keep it up when I go back to work.
I find walking really relaxing and it allows me to have time to reassess my life and find solutions to what I have been worrying about so that afterwards I can go an tackle whatever challenge pops up. I also like to explore new places and I think walking around is the best way to do this. As where I walked is quite near to a couple of little villages I was able to look around the villages and enjoy some nice lunches out as well.
Sometimes the most simplest walks can turn into some of the most enjoyable days where you just get chance to reflect and grow as a person.


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