Podcast Life 5

I listened to another of Joe Rogan’s podcast this week; it was 1164 with Mikhalia Peterson.
Mikhalia is a food blogger who suffers with severe arthritis and depression. Mikhalia realised that certain foods where effecting her differently so she though she may be allergic to them so she started to eliminate different foods slowly and her arthritis and her depression got better. Eventually she eliminated most foods and now she is on a carnivore diet where she only eats meat.
This podcast was really interesting as I have heard of the carnivore diet but I had never really explored this or learnt about the benefits it could have. For Mikhalia it is clearly beneficial and helps to get rid of a lot of pain that she suffers from and it enables her live a better and more enjoyable life.
I understand that everyone can eat what they like and alter there diet to suit their body but I personally cannot imagine only eating meat. I choose to not eat a lot of meat as I do not enjoy it so for me only eating meat would be my nightmare. Obviously there is benefits to the carnivore diet as there is to veganism and vegetarianism and many other diets but I suppose until you take on these diets yourself you don’t know how your body will react and whether there will be any deficiencies that it could cause you. I can see how altering your diet can be beneficial so that you can avoid allergies to certain foods. It seems to be that more and more people are realising that they may have allergies to certain food so it could well be possible to be allergic to the majority of foods like Mikhalia and not realise it.
If I was suffering with a similar illnesses to that which was discussed in this podcast I too would have to debate the benefits of the carnivore diet. I think that majority of people would try something if there was a chance it would get rid of the pain that you were suffering. We always look to different medicines when we are in pain or feeling ill but I wonder how much of it is actually down to our diets. There is no such thing as a perfect diet as everyone is different so it is just about finding what suits your body and what helps you to live the best life you can.
This podcast was really fascinating and I have been told that there is another one on there that discusses the carnivore diet so I may give that one a listen too.


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