Grey’s Anatomy Fix

For the last at least 7 years I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy. I think it was my sister who first got me into the show and I haven’t stopped watching it since. This is the only series that I continue to watch and I will always watch the new episodes when they are released in America. All of the other series that I have tried to watch I have given up on them after the first few series apart from prison break. However if prison break did bring out a new series I don’t know how I would feel about that as the last one wasn’t quite as good as the others.
I have always enjoyed watching Grey’s Anatomy and I think this is because when I was younger as at one point I wanted to be a surgeon. Obviously that didn’t happen as I am not very good at science. However watching this show can sometimes make you feel like you could be a surgeon.
My favourite character was always Christina Yang but unfortunately see left a few series back so I think my favourite is now either Alex Karev or Jackson Avery.
Even though some of the story lines feel quite unrealistic you can’t help but enjoy the show because the show is always jam packed with different storylines. Watching new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy is usually my treat on a Friday night for surviving a week of work. So as the new series returned a couple of weeks ago I am going to binge watch them tonight.
If you are looking for a new tv series to watch I would recommend Grey’s Anatomy however there is now 15 series so it could take along time to get through all the episodes.


8 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy Fix

  1. Love Grey’s I re-watched from the beginning when I was recovering from surgery and chemo. Really liked Prison Break 1&2 but don’t think I ever finished season 3, as you say it wasn’t as good.

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  2. Hey there! I just read a few of your posts. Nice! Your about page is a minimalist approach. Still 27? Thanks for following me and supporting my blog. I’m following you back. But not just to support you back, but I really like your writing. Happy weekend to you. Warmest, April

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  3. It’s great show indeed! But somehow will bring back unwanted memories for myself… so my favourite US series is NCIS, as I love the teamwork spirit and humor! Especially the first 13 Seasons!
    I think now is running 16th season in the USA

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