Take Back Tuesday – Dawlish

About a month ago I went down to Devon and visited a place called Dawlish. I stayed in a really cute hotel right next to the beach which was lovely. I had a lovely hotel room and the breakfast the next day was delicious. I only stayed in Dawlish for one night, but I managed to see all the sights and have a little wonder around the town and even have a go on the arcade.

The one strange thing about Dawlish is that there is a train track running along the beach separating the town from the beach. The beach is not massive, but it was so nice to see the sea at this time of year even if it did rain quite a lot. We walked along the beach and enjoyed throwing pebbles into the sea.

There are a few places to eat in Dawlish, we ate at a Chinese restaurant just of the beach front. The food was really nice and would recommend going there as the gave very generous portions.

I have never been to Dawlish before and I would like to go again in the Summer so I can see the town at its best. I really like Devon and I hope I get to go back in the summer to see more of the sights.


3 thoughts on “Take Back Tuesday – Dawlish

  1. I’ve never been, but it sounds like a lovely place! I was born a sea witch and am currently landlocked. Anything near water is just perfect to me 🙂
    We have a place in Canada,-White Rock- probably one of many, that is along the ocean and right along the train tracks too! It’s a bit jarring.

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