Ted Talks – The Skills of Self Confidence – Dr Ivan Jospeh

Dr Ivan Joseph is the Athletic Director at Ryerson University – He was often asked what he looks for in an athlete to which his response would be self-confidence.

He defines the concept self-confidence as the ability to believe in yourself to accomplish any task no matter the odds or the difficulty. It was the belief to accomplish it.

Dr Joseph believes that self-confidence can be trained through 3 easy steps –

1 – Repetition – The way to be self-confident in something is to repeat it because we cannot expect to be self-confident in something that is new to use. We need to use the ability to practice and by doing so our confidence grows.

2 – Self Talk – There is enough people telling us we are not good enough so why do we do it to ourselves as well. We need to reaffirm greatness and confidence.

3 – Get away from the people who tear you down- We begin to believe what others tell us and if this is negative, we need to learn to get away from those people as they are only going to bring us down.

Everyone has times when they don’t feel good about where they are in life. At these times we have to start bringing out reminders of who we are as a person to create more self confidence in ourselves. Nobody is going to believe in us if we do not believe in ourselves.

I really enjoyed this Ted Talk as sometimes I lack self-confidence and it made me realise that I am the only one who can help my confidence. I have to believe in myself in order for others to believe in me. I have recently learnt to distance myself from negative people and this has already started to help me to broaden my horizons and not to limit what I am able to achieve.

At the end of the day we are all supposed to be different, so we need to start believing in ourselves.


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