Youtube Recommendations – Family Fizz

I am continuously changing who I enjoy watching I YouTube, I spend a while watching one channel quite religiously and then I somehow don’t relate to it anymore, so I begin to move onto another channel.

I have quite recently begun watching the Family Fizz channel, I had heard of them before, but I had never watched them. I enjoy watching their channel because they are so positive, and I feel like it rubs off on me when I watch their videos. They are always seeking to live their best life and that it was I am currently trying to get into the habit of doing.

Family Fizz do a lot of travelling so it allows me to travel with them in a way and see what the places are like that they visit some which I would have never thought of going too.

They also seem a very grounded and down to earth family who are very grateful to be doing what they do. I used to watch a few other vloggers, but I feel that as their audience have grown, they are not been as relatable because money seems to have taken over their videos. As family fizz’s audience grow, they don’t seem to have changed because they don’t overly spoil their children, they encourage to do a lot of charity work and to donate a lot.

I do not always enjoy some of the challenges as I think these are for a younger audience, but I do enjoy watching the general vlog videos.

If you are looking for some easy watch YouTube channels with a lot of positivity, then I suggest giving family fizz a watch.


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