What’s good about your day?

One of the youtubers I watch called family fizz always say what’s good about their day and I feel that this helps to put across positivity in their videos. So I thought I would start to do this and see if it naturally starts to make me feel more positive about my day. Generally I am quite a positive person but recently the January blues have been getting to me a little so I think this will help to bring back the positivity in to my life.

So one of the good things about my day is that we are now in February. This may seem a strange idea of something positive for some but I have to say that since it has been February I have woken up each day so much more positive. I really think that psychologically the end of January was getting me down because of the cold weather and being in the need of pay day. So it appears that since it is now February a weight has been lifted and I am now a lot more focused and just generally have a lot more energy. Also I have started to notice that as I am leaving work it is slightly lighter so it is a reminder than summer is out there somewhere and it’s getting slightly closer.

Tell me something good about your day? 🙂


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