Ted Talks – How to speak so that people want to listen – Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure is a sound expert who describes the human voice as an instrument that we all play. We all use our voices in different ways and this is often reflected in how others interact or perceive us as individuals. Many of us have had the experience where when we speak, we are not listened too.

In order to be listened to and to be taken more seriously Julian provides 7 habits that we should try to move away from –

  • Gossip – speaking ill of someone who is not present
  • Judging – hard to listen to someone when you know that you are being judged at the same time
  • Negativity – hard to listen to it people who are constantly negative
  • Complaining – it can get tiring listening to people who complain all the time
  • Excuses – blame being passed on to others
  • Exageration – distorting the truth
  • Dogmatisim – confusion of facts and opinions

I think they are a very good reflection of habits that we need to avoid be listened to more and to be taken more seriously. If you avoid these 7 habits what you speak about will become more validated to others and therefore, they will want to listen to you more.


Julian also gave examples of how to make our speech become more powerful- This is was he calls HAIL

  • H – Honesty – be clear and straight talking
  • A – Authenticity – be yourself
  • I – Integrity – be your word – actually doing what you say
  • L – love – wish them well

If you use HAIL to evolve your speech, I think you will be more respected and become more validated and listened to a lot more by a lot of different people.

Julian also looks at how voice coaches can help with the pitch and pace of your voice to help you to be taken more seriously and also to come across as more powerful.

I found this Ted Talk very interesting and I liked the way he gave 7 examples of habits to move away from and 4 that we should try to stick to in order to be taken more seriously. The talk was very easy to understand and very relatable.  I would be interesting in listening to some other talks that he has given.


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