Ted Talks – The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown

Brene Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College, she has spent 16 years studying vulnerability, connection, courage, empathy and shame.

Brene has spent many years looking at the idea of connection; she has asked a lot of people about connection and she found that when she asked about it people would talk to her about disconnection. When she asked people about love they would talk about heart break. After speaking to numerous people, she realised that there was a common theme of Shame.

There was a great fear of disconnection. In order to have connection we have to have vulnerability and often the fear of vulnerability would lead to the disconnection.

Those who have connection had a greater sense of worthiness and a strong sense of worthiness. These people had embraced their vulnerabilities as they believed it made then beautiful and they though it was a necessary part of connection. They all had in common courage, compassion and connection as a result of authenticity.

The one thing that keeps us out of connection is that feeling of being unworthy of it. We often numb our vulnerabilities, and this ends up numbing our joy and happiness and then we become miserable and then when we come to look for purpose and meaning we find ourselves feeling vulnerable. It becomes a viscous circle of events that many struggle to break away from

We have to realise that we are all imperfect and we all have vulnerabilities and the way to embrace connections is through sharing these vulnerabilities and becoming our true authentic selves. We have to believe we are enough. When we release this, we are kinder to others and ourselves.

I really enjoyed this Ted Talk with Brene Brown as it was very interesting but always very funny. There was a light-hearted approach to this talk but also it covered a serious topic. I would like to listen to more of the talks that she has given in the future.


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