Ted Talks – The Art of Asking – Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is now a musician but was once a street performer. She looks at the lessons she learnt as a street performer and how she uses these lessons now she is a musician.

During the talk she discusses the relationships between artists and fans and the importance of having a connection with your fans. When she was on tour with her band, she discovered the overwhelming generosity of their fans, they offered them everything from a couch to sleep on to food. Amanda discusses what it means to ask something from your fans and whether it is fair.

Amanda realised that she asked her fans for help and it worked. Her band decided not to charge for their music and instead ask fans for their help. Instead of them purchasing their music, fans could give money if they wanted to help the band.

Amanda said this made her vulnerable but it created a greater connection with the fans

Musicians has been a part of communities for years and now they have become these untouchable stars or celebrities from afar. The band was more approachable and appreciative and spent for time with fans.

The idea is to give and receive fearlessly and to be able to ask someone for help without a feeling of shame. When we really see each other and the struggles we are going through we really want to help each other.

I found this an interesting topic on Ted talks and it was not something I had really thought about before. I do think this is quite a unique thing to do in today’s society and actually I quite like the idea of it. I would much rather support a band that has a better connection with fans and one that you can actually meet than one who hides away in the celebrity hotspots. It would help us to feel closer to the artists and actually feel like they appreciate their fans and not take them for granted.


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