Audible Recommendation – The Chimp Paradox – Prof Steve Peters

Another audio book that I have recently listened to is “The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters.

The acclaimed Mind management programme to help you achieve success, confidence and happiness. Listeners follow the easy inner chimp’ steps too over come fear and anxiety through understanding why self doubt and negative thoughts drive impulsive and irrational behaviours.

The inner chimp is our emotions often the irrational and impulsive side of us and the human is the more rational and logical side of us.

The books describes lots of examples of how the chimp takes over and how to take back control of the chimp to help to improve our life to find happiness.

I really enjoyed reading this book and really felt like I learned something from it. Out of all the books I listened to while I was on holiday this was one of the books I enjoyed the most. I even relate to this book in everyday life now especially when I start to get hangry and I just tell myself my chimp is playing up haha! Also, if one of my family members is acting a bit strange/irrational then I just think to myself that their chimp is out of control. I obviously don’t tell them this as they wouldn’t understand what I was going on about; but it helps me to find amusement in the situation.


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