Fill in the Blanks

If I won £1,000 right now I would_____

I would save the majority of it as I am currently saving for a house but I would spend a little and maybe go away for a night or too and explore somewhere new in the UK.

What would do?


Fill in the Blanks

If I could relive one day of last year, it would be______

It would have to be my first day in Edinburgh as it was the first warm sunny day of the year and I really enjoyed exploring as I had never been to Edinburgh before.

Which day would you relive?

Fill in the Blanks

My favourite animal is_____

My favourite animal is an elephant.

Which is your favourite?

Fill in the Blanks

If I had to move country I would move to_____

I would quite like to live in France.

Where would you move too?

Fill in the Blanks

If I could have dinner with 2 celebrities dead or alive, it would be________

David Attenborough and Michael Jackson

Who would yours be?

Fill in the Blanks

The one thing I have learnt from this year already is______

To do what makes me happy and to not listen to others judgements.

What would yours be?