Quote of the Day

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale


Audible Recommendation – Everything is F*cked: A book about Hope by Mark Manson

I have previously listened to The Subtle Art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson so when I was looking at audio books to download ready for my holiday I decided to give another of his books ago. This time is was Everything is F*cked: A book about Hope by Mark Manson.

In Everthing Is F*cked, it looks at the flaws within each individual self to the endless problems taking place in the world. He looks at our relationships with money, entertainment and the internet, and how too much of a good thing can psychologically eat us alive. He challenges our definitions of faith, happiness, freedom—and even of hope itself.

The was the first book I read on holiday and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoy books that help me to question what’s going on in the world and especially ones that help me to open my mind up further.

The audio book in around 7 hours long which for myself it a good length for an audio book because sometimes if it is over the 10-12 hour mark by the end I am getting little bit bored and I am eagerly ready to move onto the next audio book.

Overall I would recommend giving this book a try.


Couch to 5K

I have recently made the decision to start to improve my health and fitness and therefore I decided to do this firstly by trying to complete the couch to 5k app.

I did my first run today which consists on a 5minute warm up walk; then 7 x 60second runs with 7x 90second walks in between and then a 5 minute cool down walk . The runs and walks are alternated all the way through and it total I did 8 minutes of running. over the 9 week program you increase your running time and decrease the walking time.

I have previously used a similar app quite a few years ago and decided to give it another go as it is really enjoyable and also achievable enough so it doesn’t make me feel out of my depth.

I decided to do my run today along the canal as it is quite a flat run and I enjoy being beside the water as it is quite relaxing.

I have 2 more runs of the same routine to complete this week before moving on the next stage next week.

I would highly recommend the One You Couch to 5k app.


Gluten and Dairy Free

Recently I have been trying to eat healthier and looking into which foods could help to improve my health and help me get the most out of my body. I currently suffer from Asthma and decided to research if this could be improved through diet.

Asthma –A respiratory condition marked by attacks of spasm in the bronchi of the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. It is usually connected to allergic reaction or hypersensitivity.

From watching quite a few YouTube videos I discovered that by going gluten free and dairy free this could vastly improve my asthma.

After looking into this I have become informed on how diet can help so many illnesses and conditions that I had never really thought about before.

Therefore, over the next few weeks or so I am going to slowly start to bring this diet into my lifestyle. I am not going to stop taking my inhalers as this could be dangerous, but I am going to try to see if there is any improvement in how often I need to take them.

I will be sharing a few recipes that I try out and I will be letting you know if there are any improvements that I notice along the way.

If anyone had any tips/recipes they know of then please feel free to share 🙂

Quote of the Day

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edision