What’s good about your day?

The thing that is good about my day today is that I am going to take my dog for a nice long walk and really enjoy being outside.

What is good about your day?



I ended up setting up my own Etsy shop randomly after I had needed to get my sewing machine out ad make a few alterations to some clothes. I end up making little fabric bandana for the dogs in my family. I don’t get the chance to get my sewing machine out that often so when I do I get a little bit carried away and always want to continue to make something. I was struggling to think of ideas so I thought I would give the dog bandanas another go.
I ended up getting carried way and made quite number of them so I decided that I was going to set up a shop on Esty to see if I can make a little extra money. The bandanas are so easy to make and I have quite a lot of brightly coloured materials so they looked really nice. I took one round to my nan’s for her dog and he loves it and now waits for her to put it on in the morning.
I don’t imagine that I will sell very many but it was fun to have something to make and to have a reason to keep sewing. I really enjoy sewing but I do struggle to come up with ideas or I make something and then think I will never actually use it so it seems like a waste.
I have used Esty before when buying gifts as they have so many different unique present ideas but I have never had my own shop on there before. I have to say that it was very easy to set up and before I knew it I was all set up and ready to sell my items.

I am now looking at what else I can make and then sell on there for when I have my next creative moment.

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