Quote of the Day

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.


Youtube video of the Day

Absolute Motivation – Matthew McConaughey- This is why you’re not happy

Fill in the blanks

If I could go anywhere right now, I would go______

I would go to Australia. I have visited Australia before and absolutely love it so I would love to go back there right now if I could.

Where would you go?

What’s good about your day?

One of the youtubers I watch called family fizz always say what’s good about their day and I feel that this helps to put across positivity in their videos. So I thought I would start to do this and see if it naturally starts to make me feel more positive about my day. Generally I am quite a positive person but recently the January blues have been getting to me a little so I think this will help to bring back the positivity in to my life.

So one of the good things about my day is that we are now in February. This may seem a strange idea of something positive for some but I have to say that since it has been February I have woken up each day so much more positive. I really think that psychologically the end of January was getting me down because of the cold weather and being in the need of pay day. So it appears that since it is now February a weight has been lifted and I am now a lot more focused and just generally have a lot more energy. Also I have started to notice that as I am leaving work it is slightly lighter so it is a reminder than summer is out there somewhere and it’s getting slightly closer.

Tell me something good about your day? πŸ™‚

5 Places I Would Love To Visit In The Next Few Years…

1. India – Ever since I was little I have wanted to visit India but so far I have not had the chance to go but I am determined to get there in the next couple of years.
2. Bali – When I went to Austraila one of my original plans was to stop of on Bali afterwards before coming back to the UK but for various reasons this never happened so I would really like to go there at some point because everyone I know who has been says how amazing it is.
3. Paris – I went to Paris when I was around 13 with school and visited Disney land Paris and we had a great time. I would really like to go back and see it again now as there are parts that I can’t remember and it would be so much different exploring on your own as there is a lot of places that I would like to see that I never got the chance to see when I went there before.
4. Kenya – Growing up I have always loved safari animals especially elephants and I have always dreamt of going on a African safari. I do hope at some point I get the chance to visit Kenya.
5. Norway – I really would like to go to Norway at some point as I would like to see the Northern lights and get to see Orca whales swimming in the wild. Norway is such a unique place and I would love to go and visit there.