Trying to make a Youtube video!

As I have had a few days of lately I decided to have a play around and try to create a YouTube video while I was at Trimley Reservoir on Tuesday.

I have never made a video before but recently I have wanted to try and edit a video as it is something I have never tried to do so had no idea if it was something I would even be able to do. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and really enjoy watching videos where they go to places I have never been before. So I thought I would take some footage to show people what the reservoir was like as on a nice sunny day it it such a peaceful place to go.

I actually really enjoyed the process of making the video and would like to try to make some more in the future. I obviously have a lot of improve on as it was my first attempt but overall I am quite happy with how it turned out.

Here is the video I made from the clips that I managed to get:-



The End of the iPhone Hype!

Today I found out that I was due an upgrade on my contract phone. There was the initial excitement of a new phone then there was the confusion of do I go for the same old apple iPhone upgrade or do I be risky and pick a totally different phone.
For the last 5 or so years I have had iPhone and have always upgraded to a newer iPhone when it has been time. I love apple and I have quite a few of their products but I was starting to question whether I want to upgrade to another phone. I love how easy the iPhone is to use and the camera is really great with the majority of the photos I take being taken on my phone. However I do find that I struggle for storage a lot as I do have a lot of photos stored on my phone. Storage is probably the main problem that I have with my iPhone. Also iPhones can be quite expensive.
I went into my local 3 branch and had a look at the phones available so that I could see what they felt like in my hands because some of them are quite big nowadays. I was tempted by a Samsung phone but as I got talking to some of the shop assistants they suggested that I look at the Huawei phones as the camera is really good on them and this is what I use my phone most for.
The minute I stepped into the shop I think I had decided that I didn’t want to continue on the iPhone hype. Not because I don’t love the iPhone but because I had got a little bit bored of having the same phone as when you get the latest version there is never really that much difference in them. I quite enjoy it when I have a phone that I have never used before so I can spend time trying to figure out how to use it.
I ended up picking the Huawei phone and so far I have not been disappointed. The screen is bigger than the iPhone and the picture quality is amazing. I cannot wait to go out and take loads amazing pictures. Also there is so much storage that I should never have a problem again. I am really glad that I decided to take the risk to move away from the iPhone as it is good to try out different phones and this one hopefully will be better for what I use it for.


I downloaded Lightroom CC as I wanted to go through some of my old pictures and edit them and basically sort out all of my pictures on my computer because my folders are very messy and they all need rearranging. I downloaded the 7 day trial of Lightroom as it is quite expensive so I wanted to test it out first. I have tried to get the most out of my trial and have pretty much used it every day and I can honestly say I love it and don’t want my trial to end. It is so easy to use and I think the monthly fee is about £8 or £9 a month and at the moment I don’t want to commit to any unnecessary outgoings each month while I am trying to save.
I do have the free app on my phone but it is just not the same as having it on the computer because I do quite like to sit down for a couple of hours at a time editing my pictures. At the moment it is not something I am going to purchase but maybe I will in the future because it is the best editing programme I have used so far.
However I have found a couple of free alternatives, these are: – RawTherapee, Lightzone, Irfanview and Chasys Draw IES. I have never heard of any of these alternatives but I think I might give them all ago. If they are anything like lightroom then I know I am going to enjoy using them.
My 7 day trial of Lightroom runs out tonight so tomorrow I think I will start to download RawTherapee. If at the end Lightroom is still my favourite then I may have to reconsider whether or not I pay for it.
If anybody knows any other alternatives I would be happy to hear about them