Couch to 5k

Today I completed the first run of the 2nd week of the couch to 5k app. This consisted of a 5 minute warm up walk followed by 90 seconds of running and then 2 minutes walking  which was repeated 6 times and then to end there is a 5 minutes cool down walk.

In total I ran for 9 minutes which is 1 minute longer than last week.

I really enjoyed the run/walk today and it is a great excuse to enjoy being outside as the weather has been so nice.I am looking forward to my next run on Friday.


Couch to 5K Update

Last night I finished the first week of the couch to 5k app. It was slightly delayed as I was supposed to complete the run over the weekend but due to being busy I never got round to it; so therefore I completed it yesterday.

I really enjoyed the run yesterday and I am now looking forward to completing the first run of week 2 on Wednesday.

15 Minute workout – Sarahs Day


Yesterday I tried the couch to 5k and today I tried one of Sarahs Day 15 minute workouts. I have been watching Sarahs day for quite a while now and really enjoy her videos so thought today that I would give one of her workouts a try.

I really enjoyed the workout and will definitely be given them a try again. There were parts I struggled with but over time I’m sure I will improve on these. Overall it was really enjoyable and I definitely felt like it was doing something to improve my fitness.

Walking Adventures

I have spent quite a lot of the last week going on various different walk while I have been off work. I have really enjoyed spending a lot of time outside as I spend so much time inside at work. The weather has been really nice as well so that has made it even better and I have enjoyed soaking up the last bits of sunshine as winter will be here before we know it.
I have managed to walk around 60,000 steps over the last 5 days which I am really happy with as when I am at work I find it really hard to get to the 10,000 daily steps. I usually go on a couple of walks at the weekend but after walk it is lot harder to motivate myself but maybe now I have enjoyed so many walks this last week this will encourage me to keep it up when I go back to work.
I find walking really relaxing and it allows me to have time to reassess my life and find solutions to what I have been worrying about so that afterwards I can go an tackle whatever challenge pops up. I also like to explore new places and I think walking around is the best way to do this. As where I walked is quite near to a couple of little villages I was able to look around the villages and enjoy some nice lunches out as well.
Sometimes the most simplest walks can turn into some of the most enjoyable days where you just get chance to reflect and grow as a person.


The moment you realise that you haven’t kept up with your daily workouts for 3 whole weeks! I knew that I would never keep doing them while on holiday but I had planned to continue them as soon as I got back from holiday. I was really enjoying them before I went away so why has it taken me so long to get back into it.
In all fairness I was ill for the first week after returning from holiday. I don’t know if this happens to any one else but my I always have a cold after being on holiday in a warm country. I don’t know if its just that when you start to relax the germs just take over or if it has something to do with the air conditioning and the germs fling around on the plane on the way home. Either way I wasn’t feeling to good when I got home and it was a real struggle going back to work let alone doing a work out.
Even though I am feeling a lot better this week I still haven’t start back doing the daily workouts. I would really like to get into them again as they just gave me chance to get rid of my daily stresses from work and then I could have a bit of relaxation time before bed every day. The workouts also improved my motivation and general happiness so I would very much like to bring them back!
I am off out tonight so I know I won’t start doing them again today so there’s no point in lying to myself but I am determined to start them again tomorrow. I do feel a little intimidated only because I know that the first few times that I do I will be dying all the way through. But if I don’t start again I will never improve so I just need to get over myself and start again.
I am sure in a couple of days I will be blogging about how much I love it.

7 Day Work Out Challenge

Today I reached the end of my 7 day work out challenge… yayyy!! I actually cannot believe I have stuck to it as there is usually at least one day that I miss. This time though I was determined to do it and with it only being a short workout it helped to make it more achievable.
I feel a lot better in myself mentally as I have been a lot more positive and I have felt less tired and generally I’ve had a lot more energy. I can honestly say that I am really enjoying this work out because I am enjoying the harder exercises but also the simpler ones.
I feel a lot more motivated in my life generally and really would like keep up with doing at least one exercise video a day.
I am going to keep doing this 7 day work out challenge and I think this week I am going to also try another one of the Lucy Wyndham-Read workouts; maybe focusing on legs or arms I haven’t quite decided which yet. Eventually I would like to find a few of my favourite workout videos and put them together to make a longer workout session.

7 Day Challenge – Day 3

Today I completed my 3rd day of the 7 day challenge – 7 minute workout by Lucy Wyndham-Read and I am loving it!
Part of me thought I would have given up by now as usually I start things and give up but instead I can’t wait until my next workout. I think because it is only short I can fit it into my day easily without feeling like I have to take a chunk out of my day to complete it. There are seven different exercises which are all a minute long so it doesn’t feel like any exercise is unmanageable because the minute goes so quickly.
I haven’t notice any changes physically but it is very early on but I am noticing that I have more energy in the day and I am less out of breath during the workout. I am a lot more positive once I have completed the workout because I am happy that I am sticking to it.
I have seen other video’s on Lucy’s channel and think that I might also give these a go!